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talkiatry google reviews. FanFiction.Just In. Community. Forum. More. Obito-Sensei by Ser Serendipity.Contains childbirth, male pregnancy, and emotional themes This story contains: Mpreg I closed my eyes starswhenyoushine Jared laughed at the speed at which Jensen was able to birth the head and get her shoulders out Jared laughed at the speed at which Jensen was able to birth the head and get. Witnessing Rin, who sacrificed herself by being killed by Kakashi, Obito was horrified. The young Uchiha, driven to create a world where Rin lives, resolves to bring her back to life. Aware of her use to fill his solitude, Obito develops affection and begins to cherish her. Hates Wearing Dresses: Kushina tries to buy Kakashi skirts, but Kakashi hates them.She prefers the practicality of pants. Incompatible Orientation: Implied with Rin and Kakashi.It's never stated that Kakashi is straight, but she has a Single-Target Sexuality for Obito. Rin gives up on her crush after Kakashi comes out, either because she realizes it's unlikely they'll be together, she's not. Finally, Rin broke the silence, "Oh come on Kakashi! You know you want to say that you accept Obito as a friend." Kakashi gave Rin an annoyed look. Rin just grinned and said, "Come on just say 'Thanks' and become friends. I mean seriouslyguys are just weird." Obito took offense at this and yelled, "Hey, it's his fault, not mine!".
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